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About us

We believe that before spending money on charity, we should learn how to do it effectively. Which is why we formed a community to help everyone make better giving decisions.

As individuals we each have a narrow band of perspectives, passions and experiences that shape our giving decisions. But in a diverse group, every worthy cause is more likely to be highlighted and our dollars would reach new heights.

What are we fixing?

It’s incredibly difficult to give away money effectively. It demands a deep understanding of global problems and the best ways to solve them. Having a singular viewpoint on global issues is rarely effective, nor is it fair if acted upon. It is the goal of the People’s Foundation to identify most pressing issues by capturing voices that are heard beyond geographical borders, religious views or social status.

How are we different?

Our effectiveness is the cornerstone of our might. We don’t operate with traditional baggage like offices, administrative staff, and other overhead costs. Our network and structure allows us to provide continuing support for organizations that prove to make a difference. Small operating costs that we do have are sponsored by a handful of generous supporters.

Who are we?

People’s Foundation is a self-funded nonprofit organization. We are completely governed by the people, with all decisions made by the members of the Community, and each member getting an equal vote. This approach builds capacity for the most efficient and innovative organizations to rise and pave the way forward.

People's Foundation is not a registered charity and does not accept donations.

Your questions are unique, but here are frequently asked.

How do you create a list of causes to support?

Our list is designed to capture the causes that people most care about at any given point in time. We update the list regularly to reflect our changing world, and we’re happy to hear suggestions on causes that we may have overlooked.

I'd like to volunteer, how can I join?

Fantastic! We’re always looking for extra sets of hands, so if you’re interested in helping us help the world, send your resume to info@peoples.foundation

How do you decide which charities to fund?

We rely on our Community of people who are passionate about giving, people who understand how charities work and what makes them effective. Through a public forum the community will rigorously evaluate charities and do their best to rely on available evidence and data.

Can I donate publicly traded stocks, real estate, life insurance or cryptocurrency?

Some charities can accept different method of donations, we suggest looking into the recommended charity's website.

Do you have fees?

People’s Foundation does not have fees and we are not compensated by the charities we select. When you donate directly to the charity, they may have their own transactional fees on credit card donations.

Why do you believe this model works?

We believe that individual perspective, as well intentioned as it can be, is not enough. By including more voices in a democratic way, we get a more rounded view of the most pressing issues in the world.

Is the People's Foundation a registered charity?

People's Foundation is not a registered charity and we do not accept donations. You can look at us as an advisory group that looks for effective giving opportunities.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

We recommend charities all over the world, and some charities may not be registered in the country you reside. We find that the impact of an effective donation will outweigh the foregone tax benefit.

What do you do with my email?

We rely on your feedback to select charities, and we collect that feedback via email. Don’t worry, we don’t share your email with third parties or the charities we select!


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